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This week's top 5 e-commerce trends: 10 September 2021

Business · 3 min read

Any Other Business: 10 September 2021

This week’s AOB looks at the latest e-commerce news from around the world including the main errors online retailers are making at checkout, and why product reviews are still the ultimate influencers.

New survey suggests online checkouts getting worse, not better

A shocking 94% of the top European e-commerce websites have at least five basic errors in their checkouts – an increase on last year’s 58%.

Online payment provider Stripe1 looked at the biggest e-commerce and subscription services across Europe and surveyed 800 consumers2. It found the leading errors at checkout included customers not being allowed to save their payment details for future purchases (75% of cases), and websites not supporting address auto-complete (61%).

These website checkout frictions are costing retailers sales: 21% of consumers said they would abandon a purchase if it took more than one minute to checkout, whilst 17% said a long and complicated checkout is the reason they’ve cancelled an order in the past year.

So, what online checkout system should your e-commerce website use to ensure your customers have a fast, intuitive checkout experience? Our guide to the new ways to pay will get you off to a good start.

Amazon introduces ‘buy now pay later’ flexible payment option

As demand for more flexible payment options grows amongst consumers, Amazon3 has partnered with payments vendor Affirm4 to trial a buy now pay later service at checkout. Amazon customers will be able to split purchases of US$50 or more into monthly payments, over three to 48 months, with interest ranging from 0-30% APR. The service is currently being tested amongst a select group of customers, and will be rolled out further over the coming months.

A buy now pay later option is not completely new territory for the marketplace giant – it already offers Amazon Monthly Payments – but this is the first time it has partnered with one of the most popular pay-in-instalments vendors. By reviewing payment methods and payment flexibility, this in turn can help increase sales on your own e-commerce site. 

From catwalk to the small screen

Luxury fashion label Balmain5 is dipping its (designer-clad) toe into the world of TV as it seeks to engage customers in an innovative way. The brand has partnered with Channel 4 on a five-episode drama series, Fracture, which follows the story of an aspiring singer-songwriter who moves from New York to LA to pursue their dreams. The cast’s wardrobe will feature the Balmain Fall 2021 collection exclusively and marks the first time the network has worked with a luxury label in such a way.

In recent years, fashion brands have become increasingly experimental with social media, virtual reality and even gaming as they compete for a share of an e-commerce sector that is expected to be worth US$1.164,7 billion by the end of 20256.

Majority of consumers still rely on product reviews and customer feedback

New research has highlighted the influential role online customer reviews play on US consumers’ purchasing decisions.

In a survey by Digital.com7, over half (54%) of online shoppers said they read reviews for everything they buy. 88% said that they read, on average, three or more reviews before buying a product online, 40% read four to nine reviews, and 27% read 10 or more. This contrasts to just 5% of respondents who don’t read any reviews.

From Trust Pilot to mystery shoppers: learn all the tips to improve your e-commerce company’s trustability with our quick guide.

Start-up marketplace focuses on smaller businesses

A new e-commerce marketplace from the UK is hoping to offer small businesses a better and more tailored service than its bigger rivals. Add to Cart8 has been designed to work alongside sellers’ existing sales platforms; vendors can import product details from their other e-commerce sites via a simple, single-step interface. They’ll then have access to several sales-boosting services, including SEO marketing and social media campaigning.

Founder Tej Randeva believes Add to Cart will fill a gap in the market that some of the bigger players aren’t meeting. “Most of the popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are not geared towards small sellers and make it difficult for them to succeed without spending lots on listings and ads,” he says9. “We have developed a platform that is easy to use, has no subscription fees and, most importantly, leverages all of our back-end marketing expertise and support to get sellers’ products to the top of the online rankings.”

Currently, over 100 businesses use the platform, listing more than 60,000 products from a wide range of categories.

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Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson Discover content team

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