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Time Critical Logistics: Shipping Solution for Urgent Shipments


Time Critical Logistics: Shipping Solution for Urgent Shipments

International logistics plays an essential role in enabling people and businesses to reach multiple destinations in a fast, safe and reliable manner. Logistics closes the cross-border gaps in situations where individuals or organizations do not have the capabilities or resources to support their global operations. Moreover, operating on a larger scale has its fair share of challenges, complexities, and restrictions that can often be resolved with an established logistics provider. 

Running a wider network of operations means having more commitments and working on tight time-frames to cater to various segments of the supply chain or your customers, who may be relying on your products to reach them in a timely fashion. There are also important documents such as contracts, deeds, and banking paperwork that might need to travel all the way across the world to reach another party under the press of the time. 

All in all, the pressure of having to deal with last-minute, extremely urgent shipments that require more dedication and attention can be cumbersome or worst – costly.


DHL Express, an international courier service in Singapore, has been delivering parcels, documents, and various cargoes internationally for over 50 years. We support a wide range of customers – from individual shippers, all the way to businesses with diverse supply chains that require the support of a global network.

• Express Worldwide
Since the beginning, we have placed great emphasis on our export service, better known today as DHL Express Worldwide. This product irons out the fundamentals of a speedy international delivery service and addresses all the components involved in a logistics transaction. 

• Import Express
In 1995, DHL Express inaugurated it’s first-ever Import Express shipment that offered customers a reliable solution to manage import billings and have more control over their logistics costs. Since then, both Express Worldwide and Import Express have been set as DHL Express’s core products, seeing thousands of shipments on a daily basis.

• DHL Express 9:00/10:30/12:00
As DHL Express optimized its network capabilities to consistently offer reliable transit times over the years, demand for faster transit also soared due to the increasingly urgent nature of international logistics. This prompted us to create a Time-Critical solution, available at an affordable premium that guarantees delivery before 9 am, 10.30 am or 12 pm on the next business day.

DHL Express 9/10.30/12 is only applicable for exporting to selected countries from Singapore. DHL Express 9 & 10.30 serves 26 different countries – usually including major cities around the world. DHL Express 12 serves a wider range of over 80 countries.


tcs priority handle

We handle your shipment with care – get proactive notifications and a secure signature from the receiver upon delivery.

tcs easy booking

Enjoy fuss-free bookings through online shipping solutions, contact our customer service or drop off your shipments at our retail service points!

tcs simple price

Our system generates a single all-in, door-to-door quotation.

tcs money back guarantee

In the unlikely event we are unable to fulfil the delivery before the agreed timings, you get your money back.

tcs high service reliability

With our intricate network and thousands of specialists at work, you can count on us to get your shipment where it needs to be, without a single worry.


When you create an AWB on MyDHL+, the option to select our Time-Critical services will be presented if the destination address is valid. Simply click the “Select” button on the quotation that indicates DHL Express 9/10.30/12 and your AWB will reflect the same when generated.


Upon generating your AWB and scheduling a collection, our courier will collect the shipment at your convenience, and it will go on the DHL Express global network as a priority shipment to be delivered by the next possible business day before the timing that you have selected, or its money-back!

The same applies for Importing into Singapore – if you are receiving a shipment on priority, the shipper from the origin country will have the option to select DHL Express 9/10.30/12 on the AWB, which allows you to receive the shipment before the committed timings.

The Time-Critical service is made possible with our fully efficient and optimized global network. By operating a complicated string of international flights daily allows us to have full control and the flexibility to access many countries in a short span of time. By also adopting the Last-in, First-out (LIFO) approach and committing dedicated delivery vans, we have the capability to conduct deliveries almost seamlessly upon flight arrivals.


There are many different situations where you can potentially incorporate DHL Express’s Time-Critical services into your requirements. Be it to get a parcel to a loved one before they check out of a hotel, getting a part to your manufacturing plant to avoid disruption, or if your event is waiting on an urgent item to get things going. 

At DHL Express, we always put the interests of our customers first and one way to provide a truly comprehensive service is by offering a faster alternative at an affordable price, so you can have the reassurance that there are options to address your needs when the time comes.

Similar to all of DHL Express’s core products, our Time-Critical options allow complete tracking visibility from the point of collection until delivery. Our dedicated Customer Service agents also proactively monitor Time-Critical shipments so that our operations team can react preemptively, prior to any potential delays. Finally, account holders have the option of upgrading their shipments – if it was initially sent out as Express Worldwide, into a DHL Express Time-Critical with hassle-free billings to their DHL account.

Discover how DHL Express’s Time-Critical Service can make a difference for you!

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